A link to our 3D content library containing all of our 3D animations is available for download via QR code in the instructions manual. The library contains hundreds of 3D animations created, and curated by our 3D artist. The library will also be updated regularly with new animations for you to enjoy. To gain access, please be logged into the email you've used for your order before scanning the QR code. Your email used for the order is the key to accessing our library. In the rare case that you do not have access, please select "request access" and put your order number and full name used for order for us to confirm. Once confirmed, we will grant you access to our 3D content library. This is not to be shared with anyone.
If you've misplaced the instructions manual, or need the link emailed to you, please email and we will assist you.
Do you have a business, or simply want custom 3D animations tailored to your needs? Our 3D artist can help! Please email with your idea and we will help bring it to life! A creation fee will be charged based on the complexity of the project.