3D visuals reimagined

Experience a cutting edge technology that brings your visual content to life.

experience the future

with holofan®


vibrant colors

Equipped with 256 high quality RGB LEDs capable of producing more than 16 million hues of lights. These LEDs create HD images that can be seen in the light, or in the dark, without 3D glasses.

higher frame rate

The smooth rotation from the high speed blades ensure that the animation will be displayed exactly the way you see it on your screen!


By combining the LEDs and high speed rotation, you get futuristic visuals that look like a real life hologram! You can even display your own images and videos directly from your phone.


head-turning visuals
holographic 3d effects
the holographic era
future of 3d technology

HOLOFAN is revolutionizing the way consumers, businesses, and artists think about visual effects. Find out how our innovation can work for you.

the new era of


Advertising, at its core, is about capturing the attention of a passerby. Holofan brings your product to life, drawing customers in.

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into the next level


No more white boards. No more screens. Want people to really notice your visual charts, graphs, and images? Elevate your presentation and mesmerize your audience with a breathtaking visual experience.

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what holofan users are saying

I'm a small business owner. Ever since displaying Holofan in my store front, I've noticed at least 2x more people walking into my store. The holographic effects is an attention grabber and that helped tremendously in our revenue!

Michael W.

WOW! The visual effects from holofan is out of this world. I've literally never seen anything like it. The 3D effects really make it seem like a hologram is there. All of my friends are amazed that something like this exists.

Kevin T.

Love how easy it is to use! I'm not very tech savvy so I thought it was going to be difficult to create the holographic effect. But their App makes it so simple. Just upload and the App does everything for you. They also provided me with hundreds of 3D content to use.

Michelle P.

As an elementary school teacher, I'm always looking for exciting ways for kids to learn! I display my holofan on the table and it instantly grabs all of their attention. I can definitely see that they are more interested in what I have to teach now!

Anna K.

I was honestly shocked at how good of a deal this is. Something as new and innovative this is, I would expect it to cost thousands of dollars. But I got mine for only $200.

Peter S.

I bought the holofan as an addition to my game room to display cool hologram animations. It definitely made my room 10x cooler and I recommend it to all my fellow gamers out there.

Jacob M.