Frequently Asked Questions

It's very simple! Just connect your phone to the Holofan via wifi, and upload videos/photos directly from your phone through our app. You can upload videos/images directly from your phone's camera roll, or download 3D animations from our 3D content library.

The HOLOFAN will take any of the standard file formats such as: MP4, MOV, GIF, JPEG, PNG.

You can upload videos/images using our IOS/ANDROID App, or PC software.

Iphones, Androids, and Windows PC/Laptops.

SpinDisplay is a more advanced solution that we use for our larger models of HOLOFANs. This allows the HOLOFAN to have more capabilities such as: multi-fan synchronization splicing display. You can combine as many HOLOFANs as you want in an array to create a large hologram. Real-time live stream screen mirroring capabilities. You can mirror your computer/phone screen on the HOLOFAN in real-time.

There are no limits to how long the videos can be using our PC Software. That means you can upload, and watch an entire episode of your favorite show or movie on the HOLOFAN! Using our IOS app however, the limit is around 3 minutes.

A link to our 3D content library will be available for you to download from via QR code in the instructions manual. To gain access, please scan the QR code with the email that you've used for your order logged in on your phone.

Yes! We do ship worldwide, and have had many customers from international countries.

No, it does not have to be our animations. You can also upload your own videos/images directly from your phone's camera roll.

Yes! You can simply connect Holofan to any speaker via bluetooth for sound.

With cover: better protection, makes almost no noise from the fan.

Without cover: better floating in "mid-air" holographic effect, noise from the fan.

Yes! You can display anything you want. That includes videos/images of real people. It is not limited to only animations. Think of a holographic TV in the physical world. Except there are no screens.

The app is only available for our customers. You can download it using the QR code provided in the instructions manual. If you've lost the instructions manual, please email for a link to download the app.

We ship out of our warehouses located in California, Texas, and New Jersey.

No, Klarna will not affect your credit score since it is not a hard inquiry.

To create the 3D holographic effect, simply upload any 3D animation with a black, or green background into our app.

No, it does not need to be completely dark. However, the effect looks better in the dark.

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