Operation Instructions

    1. Power on Holofan by plugging into an outlet.
    2. Connect your phone to Holofan via Wifi. Each fan has its own unique ID in the format (3D-i3.xxx-x). Tap this ID and you will lose your current wifi connection. Please wait until you see the wifi logo again to confirm that you are connected with Holofan.
    3. Open our app, upload your content, and wait for the app to convert your content into the fan.
    4. That's it! It's easy as 1, 2, 3!
    5. Our app has many features including: Toggle On/Off, adjust brightness, adjust image angle, bluetooth audio, adjust volume, formatting the SD card, play/pause, and even create your own 3D text.
    6. For holographic effect, videos and images must contain an all black background. Videos cannot exceed 1 minute.