A 3D Holographic Fan That is changing the Way You Look at Anime Collections

The rise of anime

Anime has garnered exponential notoriety in the last few decades. The animation is based on the Japanese manga, which has always been popular in many Asian countries. Thanks to the easy accessibility of foreign media along with improvement in dubbing and subbing of most anime, their popularity has truly surpassed all boundaries.  Many of the top manga titles have been adapted into many different media, like anime and even live-action movies.

Anime lovers are among the most dedicated fans out there. Many of them are anime collectors, buying and collecting anime figures of their favorite characters. Some even go as far as to dress up as their favorite character at anime conventions to truly live their fantasy of being inside their favorite anime. The anime culture is a lifestyle for some.

Anime figure collections

Much like any other collection, anime figure collections come with a hefty price tag. Some rare collectible toys can cost up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The high price may be because the anime figure is a vintage piece or is super rare or perhaps even life-sized.

Many of these collectible toys are proudly put on display by anime lovers, some even remaining unopened and in mint condition. This is because anime figures are usually made with a lot of attention to detail. The craftsmanship on some of these figures is so accurate and true to source material that it seems that the character has jumped out directly from the screen of an anime or the pages of a manga.   However, the inanimate and stationary nature of these collectible toys is what makes them mere decorative pieces. No matter how intricately crafted an anime figure is, it lacks critical aspects of real things. 

Holofan – A must for anime figure collectors

The Holofan is here to change all that. This simple device can create impressive visuals for the background of your anime figure collections, so it seems like they are part of the action. Toy collectors can fully get immersed in the fantasy of not just having their favorite character but also the setting to go along with it.

Holofan is a simple-looking device that harbors cutting-edge technology and is a precursor to the next generation of media, which is based around holographic images and 3-dimensional displays. So, no need to keep your collectible toys locked up in glass cupboards! It is time to put them to good use and enjoy them with the help of Holofan.

The basics of Holofan

The Holofan has a surprisingly simple structure. It consists of a fan head, which spins around to project the holographic images, thus the name 'Holofan'. This fan head can be adjusted in height and position using the bendable rod, which attaches the fan head to the sturdy aluminum rod. Finally, at the bottom is a circular base, perfect for being placed on any straight surface. The design is sleek and minimalistic but extremely durable. Being lightweight, the Holofan can be carried anywhere and placed atop any smooth surface. The idea is to place the device behind an anime figure and turn it on to project holographic images that make a simple name figure and turn it into a visual treat.

The technology behind Holofan

Holofan is set to revolutionize the way toy collectors view and treat their collections. Instead of simply hoarding them and carefully placing them in protective casings, now fans of different anime can have a more interactive experience with their anime figure collections.

Here are some of the amazing features that make Holofan such a state-of-the-art product:

Impeccable visuals: When you hear the word hologram, you think of blurry images that may glitch occasionally. Not anymore, as holographic technology has improved significantly! So much so, it produces high-quality visuals that give a real-life feel. Holofan's blades are fitted with 256 top-quality RGB LEDs, which create sharp images that are capable of being viewed whether in pitch dark or sunlight. The visuals are sharp and smooth, just like the ones on any high-definition television screen.

Smooth graphics: The blades also spin continuously at high speeds to create images that appear 3 dimensional and true to their visuals on screen. The speed captures the rate at which frames change to capture the true essence of animation and provide a truly realistic backdrop to any character. This means that while the character may still be immobile, the constantly moving background lends a feeling of movement and action overall.

Getting close to virtual reality: While not virtual reality, but the combination of sharp graphics and a 3-dimensional animated visual is as close to virtual reality as you can get without wearing a complicated headpiece. The Holofan is blurring the lines between reality and animation so that anime lovers can experience their beloved shows like never before.

Holofan – The trailblazer in 3-D hologram technology

Holofan may seem like an intimidating piece of equipment. However, it is extremely easy to use. Even the least techy individuals can use the Holofan without any difficulties. This is because the device can be operated by connecting it via Wifi to any mobile device, Android or iOS compatibility, and using the Holofan mobile application. You can even connect to a nearby speaker via Bluetooth for audio!

Getting the device gives you access to a gallery of animations containing a plethora of choices. The gallery is updated every week. You can buy the device with or without the cover and create high-quality images that appear to be floating right in front of you without there being a screen to constrict the view and ruin the experience.

It a great gift for any anime lover who happens to have an anime figure collection as the Holofan is guaranteed to bring any character, be it the brooding Sasuke Uchiha or the full of energy Monkey D Luffy, to life right in front of your eyes.